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Reimer-Watts house concert

Reimer-Watts house concert

The need

In our discussions with area artists and arts supporters, we identified a need for stronger connections between local musicians and local communities of supporters. This challenge corresponds to a lack of what are often referred to as “listening spaces,” venues where the music itself is front and centre and not a backdrop for conversation, drinking or flirtation.

The project

Partnering with Waterloo-based music lover Deborah Wills, we presented an intimate house concert at which the young Kitchener, Ontario- based composer Keenan Reimer-Watts premiered recent commissions for Deborah (harpsichord) and Only Connect (guitar). Keenan played through each of the compositions and discussed the techniques and process he used in each piece. There was wine, cheese, and great conversation late into the night.

The audience

The audience for the performance consisted of approximately 20 local music lovers, including established musicians and composers.

The impact

As a result, Keenan was able to win a number of new fans and supporters of his work. He has since continued to develop his career both as a composer and creative entrepreneur.

Next steps

Going forward, we will continue to look to create opportunities for listening spaces in the communities where we work. Ultimately, we’d like to study models for promoting and developing more permanent, ongoing listening spaces in our communities.