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Survey results: artists on their pain points

Survey results: artists on their pain points

The need

In the early days of Only Connect, we wanted to get an enhanced sense of some of the key challenges facing creative practitioners, starting close to home.

The project

With this in mind, Maria undertook a series of approximately 20 interviews with creative practitioners in our immediate region from a wide range of backgrounds. The group included visual artists, writers, musicians, and various other practitioners.

The Impact

The study was very useful to us as a means of identifying patterns and testing hypotheses regarding Only Connect at the outset of the initiative. We have made the results available both to the participants and to the general public (see summary below), as a means of inspiring other and provoking further conversation

Next steps

We are currently exploring additional projects to collect data on needs in the communities in which we operate, and the needs of creative entrepreneurs more broadly. (If you have requests for specific data that would be useful to your activities, please let us know.)