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Prose & Passion: newsletter for independent creatives

Prose & Passion: newsletter for independent creatives

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The need

With face-to-face meetings difficult to arrange in the time of Covid, we identified a need for new channels to help full the void left by the coffee meetups, water cooler chats and other informal gatherings that had fallen by the wayside.

The project

Based on discussions with members of our community about these challenges, we responded by developing a monthly(ish) newsletter including content such as:

  • dispatches on the creative successes of members of the network
  • notes on stylistic trends of interest
  • analysis and reflection on the state of creative work in our time

The group

Our base of subscribers is composed of independent creative, makerly and/or intellectual voices. While many are based close to our home base in Canada’s Grand River Valley, content is not specific to that geography.

The impact

We have already received a wide range of positive responses from subscribers, and are beginning to see new connections and collaborations being formed between community members as a result of the publication.

Next steps

Following a soft launch of the newsletter to our core community in October 2020, we are considering various options to expand the project to reach an expanded audience of independent creatives from across Canada.